commercial Kitchen design

We work closely with our clients

At Kelly Products Company, we draw on our over 40 years of experience to work with our clients to define the concept, develop a menu, and clarify the methods of production and delivery to their guests.

As the hospitality industry evolves, Kelly continues to embrace the evolution and future of the foodservice industry, resulting in relevant and tangible design solutions for every unique client we serve.

In collaboration with architects, interior designers and operations personnel we ensure that the flow of the food products are most efficient and code compliant.

Whether your kitchen is in a spacious setting in the suburbs or squeezed into tight quarters in a major metropolitan area, the Kelly Products design team has the proven experience to provide the best solutions for your needs.

With our extensive procurement and distribution background, the equipment selection process is easily completed.

Primary and alternate manufacturers are selected for each piece of equipment, meeting operational and financial requirements established by the client.

we can help make your dreams a reality

Define the foodservice concept
Develop a functional menu
Clarify production & delivery
Determine the Foodservice layout
Select the right equiment for the job

free inital design consultation

All business relationships begin with a handshake. We will meet with you to determine the overall scope of your project and discuss your individual commercial kitchen design needs.

The design fee is often applied to the purchase of equipment from Kelly Products Company.

We have successfully completed hundreds projects in New Jersey,  Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida .

These projects include, both new construction and renovations ranging from 800 to 55,000 square feet, with budgets ranging from $10 thousand to $12 million.

The diversity of these projects offered us the opportunity to gain a notable and proven understanding of institutional operation functionality in a variety of market segments such as higher education, K-12, healthcare, restaurants, churches, corporate dining and resort facilities.

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What to expect

A conversation

A member of our team will reach out to discuss your goals and vision for the project.

Work with an expert

Our designers will work with you to create a plan that works with your space, menu, and labor requirements.

build you vision

By working with Kelly Products Co, you can build with confidence knowing that all aspects of a great foodservice design have been taken into consideration.